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People First

We do what we do because we like working with people. We get excited by finding and partnering with talented managers to help them grow their businesses and achieve their full potential. Apiary values long-term relationships and we are known for our straightforward and down-to-earth style.

The team have more than 50 years of investing experience and have developed a deep knowledge and extensive networks, making us a trusted investment partner.

Investing For Growth

We recognize that all businesses have different needs and we can support management teams in a variety of ways, including identifying and closing bolt-on acquisitions, formulating and shaping strategy, facilitating international expansion, bolstering marketing teams, sharing best operational and financial practices, investing in technology and infrastructure.

[We have partnered with a variety of management teams and demonstrated our desire to support management teams through growth or transition.]




Sector Focused

We are focused on service-led businesses operating in large fragmented markets which are well suited to executing capital-led growth strategies: roll-ups, roll-outs or transformational acquisitions.  We focus primarily on the business and technology services, education and healthcare sectors in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

We view technology as an opportunity which touches every business sector, and which has the potential to impact the business and drive efficiency and growth. We bring a pragmatic and commercial approach to implementing technology in each portfolio company.