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About Apiary

Investment Strategy

Apiary Capital invests in the education, healthcare, financial, business and technology services sectors. We acquire platform companies in fragmented markets and partner with our management teams to accelerate growth through a buy-and-build strategy. We typically invest in businesses valued between £10 million and £75 million.


Sector Focus

Apiary Technology Services
Technology Services

Structural trends are creating opportunities for agile management teams to build long term sustainable businesses. We have invested in all areas of the technology sector and are particularly interested in companies with outstanding customer service and differentiated propositions.

Apiary Business Services
Business Services

The introduction of new technologies is enabling improved operational efficiency and customer service in businesses providing essential services. We have invested in a range of companies in IT services, outsourcing, professional services and human capital, helping them scale through acquisition.

Apiary Education

Entrepreneurial activity in the education sector is flourishing. We have deep experience and interest in the sector, including private schools and colleges, corporate training, upskilling, education technology and school support services.

Apiary Healthcare

The aging population and rising health care costs are driving a clear need for providers that can alleviate pressure on hospitals, focus on prevention, deliver care in the community and utilise technology to deliver better outcomes.  Our experience includes diagnostics, rehabilitation, clinical services, and specialist care.

Apiary Financial Services
Financial Services

The financial services sector is large and fragmented, with a regulatory regime that encourages entrepreneurialism and creates meaningful barriers to participation for sub-scale players. Our experience covers consumer services such as insurance broking and wealth management; as well as technology and service providers to financial institutions.

Our Approach

We believe in building strong relationships with all stakeholders well before we invest, and pride ourselves on our supportive and partnership-based approach throughout the life of our investment.​ Our experience has taught us that working collaboratively with our management teams leads to the best outcomes and the most rewarding experiences.​

Our Team

We are an experienced team of private equity professionals with a successful track record, having invested in more than 60 UK companies

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