LearnPro Group provides virtual reality and e-learning software to the health and emergency services sectors.


LearnPro is the global leader in virtual reality and e-learning solutions for the health, fire, police and other emergency services sectors. The combined software suite provides a platform for learning management, authoring, competency reporting and training, including an immersive virtual reality simulation training platform. The suite of products is used by leading public sector institutions to train and manage over 250,000 emergency service and health care staff each year. LearnPro was created from the simultaneous acquisitions of XVR and LearnPro eFireservice in August 2021.

The management team is led by CEO Costi Karayannis, CFO Mark Truby and Chair Stuart Layzell.

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Investment strategy

The market for e-learning content and software solutions is growing rapidly but remains highly fragmented. Through an ambitious buy-and-build strategy, LearnPro intends to build on its market position by extending the range of compliance and competency management software and e-learning solutions to critical risk sectors.

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August 2021
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Merging XVR and learnPro eFireservice is an exciting opportunity that brings together expertise in training both front line staff and incident response managers. We are delighted to secure the support of Apiary Capital to create a global leader in virtual reality training and e-learning for the health and emergency services.

Costi Karayannis
LearnPro CEO