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Apiary-backed nursery group changes name to Thrive

Two years after its successful management buyout, Bertram Nursery Group has changed its name to Thrive Childcare and Education.

Thrive’s vision is to support children to become more independent, develop social skills and create a sustainable world for them to grow up in. Thrive’s commitment to putting children first and providing a safe, nurturing environment is driving investment. This includes providing additional skills training for the Thrive team, enhancing the nursery environment, systems and technology along with developing outdoor environments and the use of natural resources.

Thrive Childcare and Education is focused on providing a service which meets parents’ needs in addition to being a rewarding career choice which attracts the best teachers and staff. Although the personalities of its individual nurseries are celebrated, uniting them all under the Thrive umbrella reinforces the companies’ commitment to the people who are at the heart of the journey: helping children, parents, teams and communities to thrive.

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