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Thrive Childcare


Thrive is one of the UK’s largest children’s nursery groups, with 46 settings in North West England and Scotland that operate under a range of local brands. Thrive Childcare and Education is committed to delivering high quality early years education across the whole nursery group.

The management team is led by CEO Cary Rankin who has been with the nursery group since 2015. He is supported by a strong senior management team who have significant experience in the education and healthcare sectors. 


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Investment Strategy

Thrive’s nurseries are well-positioned to benefit from growing demand for quality early years education across the UK. This growth is underpinned favourable population trends, increasing female workforce participation and cross-party support for increased government funding. The nursery sector remains highly fragmented, with over 15,000 nurseries in the UK. Apiary will provide additional capital and strategic support to drive an acquisitive growth strategy.

Cary Rankin

"Our partnership with Apiary will allow us to continue to invest in our nurseries and deliver the very best levels of care and education. In addition, there is a clear opportunity to expand Bertram’s footprint through selective acquisitions."

Key Details

Number of  nurseries: 49

Number of children's places: 4,038

Number of staff members: 1,200


INVESTMENT DATE: February 2019

SECTOR: Education

STATUS: Current

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