Purposeful & Attentive Private Equity

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Our Vision and Values


We believe in the power of purposeful investing: we are thoughtful and clear about the business models and the management teams we back.

We believe in the power of relationships: we get to know our management teams well before we invest and are supportive to them throughout our partnership and beyond.

With over 50 years of experience, we have proven that working collaboratively with our partners leads to the fastest growth and the most successful businesses.

Apiary is looking to invest in profitable service businesses in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, which are capable of scaling and growing with our capital and support.


Why Apiary?

With clear strategic focus and a small collegiate team, we are flexible and decisive in responding to investment opportunities and working with management teams.


Sector Focus



Initiatives to alleviate pressure on hospitals, to deliver more care in the community and to introduce technology to drive prevention and home care are high priorities at present. Our experience includes diagnostics, rehabilitation, specialist clinics, social care, private home care and specialist care.


Business & Technology Services

The introduction of new technologies is enabling improved operational efficiency and customer service in businesses providing essential services. We have backed a range of business in IT services, outsourcing, professional services and human capital, helping them scale through acquisition.



Entrepreneurial activity in the education sector is flourishing. We have deep experience and interest in the sector, from private schools and colleges, to corporate training and upskilling, education technology, support services to schools and special educational needs provision.

Let's Work Together