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About us

Apiary Capital is a UK-based private equity firm specialising in supporting owner-managed businesses, the underlying drivers of our entrepreneurial economy.

We specialise in investing in companies with proven business models and defensive characteristics that operate in the business, financial, technology, education and healthcare services sectors. Typically we invest in companies valued at between £10 million and £75 million and partner with their management teams to accelerate growth, often through acquisition strategies.

Behind our firm are senior investment and operational professionals from some of the best-known institutions in the buyout sector. We come from a wide range of backgrounds and adapt our deep sector knowledge and experience to support each business we back.

We came together to invest in high quality owner-managed businesses because we believe this segment of the market offers compelling opportunities to create real value through partnership with ambitious management teams.

Empowerment through partnership

Empowerment through partnership

An apiary is a collection of beehives; beekeepers know that individual hives are more productive when they are part of an apiary – much like our team and the portfolio of businesses we support.

We truly believe that good businesses thrive with the right people around them, driven by passion, strong leadership and a shared belief in doing the right thing.

We look for growing owner-managed companies and use our extensive investing experience and networks to partner with them to realise their ambitions.

We work closely with our management teams to support the organic and acquisitive growth of their businesses. We never forget our intrinsic values of teamwork, ambition, quality and transparency.

Our Values