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Apiary-backed Conn3ct acquires ICR

Apiary-backed Conn3ct, a leading global unified communications and network services provider, is delighted to announce that it has acquired ICR Speech Solutions & Services Limited. ICR a specialised speech application development company in interactive voice response (IVR) and next generation speech bot technology.

The acquisition of ICR is a key development in Conn3ct’s business strategy, adding valuable skills and intellectual property in automated conversation applications fundamental to delivering call-centre customer experience.

IVR is a vital technology in contact centres and provides the initial response to a customer caller before they reach an agent. Dramatic advances in technology and the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning have driven IVR from basic ‘call steering’ towards a more context-aware, personalised customer experience. The partnership with ICR will allow Conn3ct to offer a fully automated caller experience where complex queries are quickly identified and routed to a live agent.

“ICR represents a compelling strategic acquisition for Conn3ct," said Nicki Boyd, Partner at Apiary Capital. "It is fully in line with the company's ongoing buy-and-build strategy which we are delighted to be supporting.”

About Conn3ct

Conn3ct is a vendor-agnostic communications partner that helps multi-site organisations across the world to solve their communications challenges by delivering simple solutions to complex problems. With over 30 years of knowledge and experience, Conn3ct offers a range of unified communications, contact centre and global network service solutions. Conn3ct was created following the successful merger in 2019 of Connect Managed Services and G3 Comms.

For more information on Conn3ct, please visit: https://www.conn3ct.com/

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