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Apiary Capital backs buyout of e-learning software specialist XVR

Apiary Capital has backed the buyout of XVR, a platform for consolidating online compliance management and e-learning software businesses. Simultaneous with the investment from Apiary, XVR completed the bolt-on acquisition of learnPro eFireservice, a competency management and e-learning software provider to the NHS and the fire & rescue sector.

XVR is the global leader in virtual reality e-learning for the emergency services sectors. XVR’s suite of products, which includes a crisis scenario simulation platform, e-learning content library, learning management system and a workforce competency management platform, is used by over 450 fire, police and healthcare organisations in more than 50 countries to train 300,000 staff each year. XVR helps ensure that staff working in critical risk sectors in the UK and internationally have the required knowledge and skills to maintain public health and safety.

The market for e-learning content and software solutions is growing rapidly but remains highly fragmented. Through an ambitious buy-and-build strategy, XVR intends to build on its market position by extending its range of compliance and competency management software and e-learning solutions to critical risk sectors.

The business is led by Joost Beerthuis (CEO), Espe du Plessis (CFO) and Stuart Layzell (Chairman).

“Merging XVR and learnPro eFireservice is an exciting opportunity that brings together expertise in training both front line staff and incident response managers,” said Joost Beerthuis, CEO of XVR. “We are delighted to secure the support of Apiary Capital to create a global leader in virtual reality e-learning for the health and emergency services.”

Jeniv Shah, Partner at Apiary Capital, commented: “XVR and learnPro eFireservice are market leaders in their respective fields. They have developed a complementary suite of must-have software products for fire, police and healthcare customers with critical compliance, and learning and development requirements. We are pleased to be supporting Joost and the team’s ambition in bringing the two businesses together.”

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